Hemp is one of the oldest crops improved by man. The history of hemp goes back thousands of years. The stalk of the hemp plant produces one of the strongest natural fibres in the world. It was used, for example, for making rope, textiles and paper. Furthermore, the seed of the hemp plant contains highly nutritional oil which was not just used for human and animal consumption, but also as lamp oil and to make soap and paint.. See outline of uses of Hemp in the 2 diagrams below

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StexFibers has developed a technique to soften hemp fibers, so they can be used for high end textiles. Hempfibers itself have specific characteristics, but if it replaces cotton, hemp is also an environmental winner.

The environmental issues when growing cotton are huge; extreme water usage, very high amounts of chemicals are used, and the use of too much land (that could also produce food). Hemp has none of these issues. Therefore we aim at being a game changer in the near future.

StexFibers hemp a game changer